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Help & Support

  • Signing Up & Logging In
    New User Signup: When you open the app for the first time you'll be greeted with a "Login" screen. As seen below: If you don't already have an account then you need to sign up for an "OURTOR" account using your name, email and a password. Alternatively you can use the "Google" or "Facebook", "Sign Up" buttons. Existing User Login: To login to the app press the "Already have an account" button just below the "Let's get you signed up" text. Now that you are on the Sign In screen you have a couple of options. You can "sign in" into your "OURTOR" account using your email and password. Or by using a "Facebook", "Google" or an "Apple" account. You can also use the "Forgot your password" button to recover your "OURTOR" account if you need to.
  • Navigating The App
    This is the home screen: Selecting a tour: Scrolling through the tours once you find one you like, click on the tour image to preview it. for this example I will select "Big Story Little Town": Now we can see the tour preview section for "Big Story Little Town". Notice that the map has changed and is now showing the stops and route of this tour, you can also see the red theme. This is because our tours are colour coded and this particular tour is a History tour. On the menu bar you can see a "Back" and "Start" button. The "Back" button will take you back to the "Home" screen. The "Start" button will promt you to select a walking tour or a virutal tour. You can also see below the tour image; two dedicated buttons for these options, "Start Walking" and "Start Virtual" Below this we see the introduction setting. If we scroll down on this page you will see: A preview of the tour sample audio and images and a list of the sites you'll be visiting on the selected tour. You can click on the sites to have the map automatically focus on them. At the very bottom of the page you'll see the "Author" section detailing information about the creator of the selected tour. Starting the tour. When you start a tour you will see the "Live Tour Screen": With a walking tour follow the route to the next gps acitvation point of your tour. Once you arrive the audio will play and images and information will be presented to you. Once ready just follow the route to your next stop and so on. You can see your next site by clicking the "Next" tab. Please note: The padlock in the top lefthand corner locks the map to your location if you wish to look around simply unlock it by tapping the icon. The virutal is the same as the walking tour without the gps activation. The map will show you the entire route, rather than just your next stop. You can move the map freely. To progress your tour, click the double arrow in the menu bar to proceed to your next site.
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