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Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Welcome to the OURTOR Blog

Welcome to our first blog, lovely to have you here. We hope you enjoy your stay and tell all your friends. Let us give you a taste of what you might find amongst these pages.OURTOR is not just a blog but also an on-demand city tour app which is currently being constructed behind the scenes. Before we kick-start the app, you will be able to read some tantalising blogs on the cities that will feature on our tours. Also, if you subscribe to our blog, you will be amongst the first to know all about the OURTOR app.


OURTOR, the "King of Tours," was born.

I’m glad you asked. Well, after a suggestion from a good friend, Tor Webster, visionary of the app and experienced tour guide from Glastonbury UK, named his tour company “Tor’s Tour of the Tor”, referring to the holy hill of Glastonbury, the Tor. Over the years, he has made various television appearances and become quite a bit of an expert on the story of King Arthur and other myths and legends. He thought it would be fun to weave all these stories together into city tours and so OURTOR, the "King of Tours," was born. You can read more about his vision in the upcoming three part blog: Man, Myth and Legend.

Sacred cities.

In each city you will have a choice of three tours: The History Tour, which will offer you all the top facts of the city’s favourite landmarks; The Mystery Tour that will focus on the ancient, sacred and mystical side of the city; and The Young Ourtor Tour, an I-spy tour for small and big kids alike. Our showcase tour for each city will be the ‘Mystery Tour’, which will be packed with the most interesting myths, legends, magic and intrigue. This is what our blog is really all about, the uniqueness of the greatest cities around the world.

Find out where all those awe-inspiring churches and cathedrals came from thousands of years ago. Each was raised strategically before cities had even been built, on tops of hills dedicated to sun gods and moon goddesses, hills that overlooked the land and connected to the forests, hills that are now barely visible amongst the towering skyscrapers which surround them.

Find out about the sacred wells and rivers. Every city hosts a lively story around the ebbs and flows of its waters, waters that carried the first settlers, brought invaders and took people to adventures all around the globe. Grow your knowledge of the crystal clear spring waters that were used for healing, cleansing and baptizing by the town’s folk. Find out about the people and their love for their homes, work places and sacred gathering sites, and learn how they celebrated at these sites throughout the sacred calendar. Learn about their ancient traditions that continued for hundreds of years, some of which are still being celebrated today, whilst others are still being unearthed and rediscovered after being forgotten for hundreds or even thousands of years.


OURTOR is a home for intrigue, a place to let go of all that you think you know about the great cities of the world.

Open your mind to magical and mystical connections, based firmly on fact and history, and see how life is even more amazing than you even thought it was.

Let our blog inspire you to learn more about yourself through myth, legend and magic, and travel with a renewed sense of joy, love and excitement. Imagine the type of adventure that surges through your whole body and leaves you wide-eyed with a joyful vibration of life you just cannot control, one you just have to let go off with a squeal of joy or burst of laughter. Yes, it is possible life has just begun. Let go of fear and embrace love, love OURTOR.

The next blog will be available on Thursday 6th of December at midnight, GMT. This will be the first of our three part blog looking at the three qualities of the human being: The Man, Myth and Legend. There will be a new blog each week so make sure you sign up to be the first to read it.

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