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The Beta App is Launched

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Nearly two years on from the inception of the OURTOR app, we are delighted to announce that on November 11th of this year, we launched the beta version of our app. With the fantastic work of Gabriel Moon, our developer, we are thrilled with the outcome and functionality of the app. It is a fully integrated experience, with an automated audio and visual tour, activated by GPS as you travel around the town, city or village.

We designed the beta app to be fully functional as a walking tour of Glastonbury, our home town. On 11.11.20, we sent out 90 emails to friends, family and a select group of movers and shakers in Glastonbury to have the experience of the app. We are recording their and collecting data on how the app behaves. Please get in touch if you too would like to try out our app free of charge in Glastonbury, your invaluable help at this early stage will help shape the future of OURTOR.

The next big step for us is the support of multiple tours and an easy way for ‘OURTOR StoryTellers’ to upload them, we aim to be the industry standard for digital tourism, creating a global tour marketplace.

Come and join us as and share your store be it history, mystery or magic and start your incredible journey as an ‘OURTOR StoryTeller’, we provide a platform with a potentially limitless audience simultaneously creating you a lucrative passive income stream.

We are already working on the app ‘refactor’ and hope to launch a working version in London within a few months. The refactor will eventually present a multitude of tours available in your area, both walking and taxi, while also allowing you to browse worldwide.

We have four tours written, recorded and presented on the app, for Glastonbury and another four tours for London, produced by Tor Webster. Other tours are being written by professionals that will soon be available too.

Another significant milestone is that we have created a ‘StoryTellers Upload Site”,

With the help of Michael Hanby. It is here where our ‘StoryTellers’ tour guides, authors and creatives can upload their tours with great ease.

If you are interested in creating a tour, please get in touch, we can help you through the process, even record your audio clips for you. Feel free also to contact us if you would like us to give you a demonstration of the tour in action on the streets of Glastonbury.

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