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Traveling in the sign of Aquarius. 20th of Jan – 21st of Feb.

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Aquarius is the ‘water bearer’ bringing abundance of life back to the world, aptly he is situated in the beginning of the year, a time of newness and of fresh growth.

He pores water from a jug out of his starry home, activating the new growth in our land.

The Egyptians saw this constellation of Aquarius as their god ‘Hapi,’ who was the god of the River Nile, the time of Aquarius coincides with the river Nile beginning to flood, again a symbol of earthly abundance.

This is a good time to travel, as travel is about renewing life, resting and taking evaluations of all you have done for the last year and preparing for the harvest of the coming year, Aquarius offers you a refreshing drink from the waters of the world, drink and feel the refreshing new life.

Aquarius is the first stirring of spring, the snow drops are poking out from under the snow, we have had a joyous time in the sign of Capricorn over the festive periods, Winter solstice, Christmas and The New Year, now we look calmly and lovingly towards the year ahead. ‘Imbolc’ is the festival of this period, the 1st of February, this festival is about celebrating the newness of life, when animals start to give of their produce again, chickens start to lay eggs, cows, sheep and goats start to give milk again.

So, traveling in this period is about celebrating new life and the freshness of that new life, fresh milk, cheese, eggs, fruits and vegetables, enjoy the stirrings of spring.

This is truly a blessing after a long winter of not having much fresh produce. Back in the ancient times people from the far north had to rely on pickled and preserved foods over the winter, which are also delicious but the taste of fresh goods is something else completely, they would celebrate the comings of spring. So, to travel in this period is about the sensual experience of taste and smell and celebration of the abundance of new life.

This is also the time of the year that animals come out of hibernation, most famously the bear, the bear is a very powerful symbol. Many associate the bear with the male power, but it is the mama bear who is the most powerful and she would protect her young at any costs, very much a quality of Aquarius. The goddess of Imbolc known as ‘St Bridget of Kildare’ is the symbol of the mama bear, her feast day is on the 1st of Feb (we will be doing a blog dedicated to her around the 1st of Feb.)

She rises with the newness of spring, bringing the energy and strength of the divine feminine, like the bear,

she is known as ‘the light bringer’ which is relative to this period of the year, the light gets brighter and brighter from its rising in the festival of Yule, Bridget guides us with her light into the new year. In Kildare on the east coast of Ireland, where the Irish Celtic Christian order of St Bridget was situated, they had a fire temple where the fire was constantly burning, they also had an air temple, which was a Irish round tower, a water temple in the presence of a sacred spring and an earth temple the church itself.

The Celts honoured all the elements, but the introduction of the catholic church, sadly all that tradition disappeared. Aquarius is known for all the elements; bringing the light, bearing the water, fertilising the earth and the freshness of the element of air.

Traveling in this time why not work with the quest of knowledge and intrigue of the Aquarian sign and travel to an exciting and mysterious place where you can delve into the sacred mysteries of life, challenge your perceptions and explore lost worlds, Aquarians love adventure and thrive on knowledge.

Why not travel to Ireland?

Land of St Bridget, see the ancient mounds of many thousands of years ago, walk around the ruins of the Celtic Christians places of worship, open your mind to interpret the sacred lands, search for the little people and enjoy the lush green lands of the emerald isle.

Whatever you do with the presence of Saturn in the sign of Aquarius, have serious fun, enjoy the freshness of life, celebrate the sensual world around you and visualise the newness of the year you are entering. Aquarians are visionaries so tune into this quality as you travel in this period and the year will be filled with juicy opportunities.

Reference: 'your zodiac soul' by John Wadsworth

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