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Travelling in the sign of Capricorn 21st Dec-20th Jan.

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The essence of Capricorn is governed by its ruling planet ‘Saturn’ – a solid metallic planet known for its seriousness and lack of flexibility – so when travelling in this sign it is best to be hyper aware of your movements and planning. The sign before Capricorn, Sagittarius, is content to fire off implosive actions like flaming arrows into the dark, but Capricorn, being an earth sign knows that just a few of Sagittarius’s arrows will likely hit the mark. Capricorn is a careful planner, so conducting a risk assessment and firing off an arrow that hits the target is more likely.

Goat Fish and Oannes

Capricorn is represented as half goat and half fish, as a mermaid. Capricorn associates with the Babylonian deity Oannes. Oannes is an ancient being like a merman, half man and half fish, but was depicted several thousands of years before mermaids entered modern mythology. Oannes was said to be one of the seven sages that accompanied one of the seven Babylonian kings from an ancient land during the great floods of Noah’s time. They brought with them the ancient wisdom from the lost civilization Atlantis, which disappeared beneath the oceans after an age of natural disasters.

Capricorn was said to have come to shore during the day to impart crucial information for mankind and then would swim away again at night.

He is perhaps the most mythical being in the zodiac wheel, having a deep sense of mystery about them; their ruling planet, Saturn, helped out greatly in this regard. Therefore, Capricorns have a real sense of adventure while travelling, often getting into hot water so they can test their knowledge and their sense of danger. But don’t let them kid you (excuse the goat pun!) every detail of this adventure has been meticulously planned.


Saturn’s influence on Capricorn is so deep it verges on scary. Saturn brings people into the depth of their being to look at their shadows and deal with their darkness, so they can be seriously liberated. Saturn also governs Aquarius the next sign in the zodiac wheel. Aquarius is of the air element, Capricorn is of the earth, so there is a lighter relationship between Saturn and Aquarius.

The old devil Satan comes from this darker side of Saturn, instilling fear in people when looking at their shadows, and religions have instated guilt and an embarrassment whilst looking at their shadows.

In ancient times people loved their shadows, knowing that they were just human traits and they were there to over come and feel better once you come to grips with then emotionally.

Travel is a perfect opportunity to explore your inner worlds, both shadows and bright spots. You are away from your normal routine, your standard dependencies and distractions, and you can see your world with new eyes, with a broader perspective. When on your travels you are undoubtedly taking some risk, and thus you are out of your comfort zone; Capricorn thrives in these situations. They get stronger by being supported by Saturn, they can manage their actions safely and get the greatest benefit out of the experience. Quite simply, they put a huge amount of conscious effort in making the most of the situation, and allows do so safely.

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice sun rises just as we transit into Capricorn on the 21st of December. Just as Oannes delivered ancient knowledge to the new civilization, the Sun King is born on the morn of the winter solstice. We have explored this topic in great detail our last Blog ‘Where did Christmas come from?’ please refer to this, but Capricorn is the perfect sign to hold the energy of the Winter Solstice.

The Winter Solstice is the time of bringing darkness into the light, to gain insights from the old and bringing that knowledge into the new. The hero is born at this time; Christ, Horus, King Arthur, Thor. Capricorn takes on the mythical form to help man emerge from the darkness and enter into light, with its true ally Saturn, a real hero. Saturn represents man in their densest movemen, a hero is born in a balance of the highest vibration and the lowest vibration. Take the archetype of Christ, for example, his father is God, but he needed a seed from an earthly man. Joseph was this seed, he doesn’t feature heavily in the story of Christ, he represents the earthly vibration as maybe Saturn does. In this analogy, the Sun represents the heavenly father and perhaps Capricorn with half of sea and half of man is a bridge between worlds, much like Christ.

So, travel safe in the sign of Capricorn until the end of January when it turns into Aquarius (we will tell you all about it when it does in a new blog). Capricorn will serve you well and bring much adventure, it will also help you embrace your more magical and free-thinking ideas and experiences. Traveling with Capricorn is serious business, so let Saturn be your friend and ally in the coming weeks. Be sure to tell us about your travels in Capricorn, we would love to hear them.

Reference: 'your zodiac soul' by John Wadsworth

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