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The StoryTellers Fellowship

At OURTOR, we believe that tourism is brought to life by the creativity of those who can captivate travellers with their stories of beauty and intrigue. Our goal is to provide every traveller with a transformative and awe-inspiring experience.

The Storyteller Fellowship is a diverse group of individuals from all ages and backgrounds, including acclaimed authors, rock stars, school groups, and stag parties. We've created an accessible and comprehensive system for anyone to upload their tours onto the OURTOR app.

Being a Storyteller you get many benefits:

  •    Revenue share 
   •    Ticket to the Legend Conference every year 
   •    A seat at the AGM at the Legend Conference 
   •    Possible talk at the Legend Conference 
   •    Enter the OURTOR awards at the Legend Conference
   •    Free access to all events
   •    Free access to all OURTOR tours 
   •    Free access to all online courses 
   •    Monthly newsletter
   •    Membership card
   •    50% off OURTOR merch
   •    Special edition OURTOR pin 


Look out for my email soon, thanks. Tor.

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